Sketchbook Vs ArtRage – In-Depth Coverage

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I am an avid Digital painting fan, and I just love, spending my time twiddling the Wacom Pen, watching the results appear on screen. Unlike in reality, you don’t need to keep track of the number of papers you’ve wasted on your last sketching marathon, or worry about the increasingly vanishing coloring material. It never gets boring painting on the screen; you can keep it coming on and on- whether its just a conceptual sketch of the character design you wanted to do, or a fully fledged texture painted scene, filled to the brim with emotion and a little story. Although there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages when going the Digital way, there is one thing that may actually limit your creativity; Software.

The thing I dislike most about Digital art, is how much a software can actually stop you from doing what you wanted it to do. Ask someone which software you’d like to use to paint, and you’d get the names of the obvious kings, like Corel Painter or Photoshop, tossed around. Even though they are the big names when it comes to media creation, they are almost actually unfriendly. In a sense, you have to go through a lot of learning to actually initiate anything worthwhile. Honestly, I never really liked using either to paint; they never plugged any sort of inspiration to actually finish a painting, mainly due to their interface, complexity and the learning curve. Even free stuff like Gimp Paint Studio nor MyPaint comes close to giving you complete creative freedom (MyPaint is pretty good and looks very promising, but still has a long way to go) and flexibility that you’d like to have. Hence, I searched around for some stuff that’s much more easier, yet something that has the potential to give satisfying results. And I found two great contenders;

Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro, been using this for quite a while, and Ambient Design’s ArtRage, something that I’ve heard of a lot, but never used, until now.I pitted both against each other, not to see which one had more features or which one was better than the other, but to decide which one worked better for me; both has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. So, I decided to share my sightings and my experiences from both to help you decide which one might work for you, in the form of this review. I will not be putting up points for the winning software or anything, since I think that’s the most terribly lamest thing you can do. Its one thing that can shoo away potential users from using the ‘losing’ software, when it actually may be a good piece.

For the record; the versions I’ve used during the review are Sketchbook 2010 and ArtRage 2.5.


One of the things that matters to me most, especially when it comes to media creation softwares, is the GUI. If the GUI doesn’t feel great for you, then you might want to try something else (But yes, you can get used to any GUI). But since these specific softwares are intended for the core creative artists who don’t want to spend ages learning different tools and options, they must be user friendly, and easy to figure out.

Shooting up Sketchbook (SB), you arepresented with a completely minimalistic interface – pitch-blank unlike usual softwares, it reminded me of the classic MSPaint. All there is, is a ‘Lagoon’ that resides in the bottom left corner of the screen. This ‘Lagoon’ is menu-like feature that gives you access you to all the features and sub-menus SB has to offer. The selection of the tools are intuitive; holding left mouse on a button on a menu opens way to a set of sub-tools, in a circular pattern; You are to click, drag and release on the option you’d want to select. In my opinion, this is one of the most innovative ways of interacting with a painting software; its very easy to collaborate this with a Wacom Tablet. Holding the right mouse button on the canvas reveals a set of handy tools like rulers, symmetry enablers and few others that surely should be there, and are there. A few clicks on the options in the Lagoons, and you soon get other invaluable tools such as Layers, Color Palettes, Brush Editors and so on. I must say, a lot of thought has been put out to design the interface of this software; its very intuitive and is a breeze to use. There is a level of customization too; you get to choose where to put which menus, what the icon of some buttons should be. I think its a pretty neat feature.

Upon launching ArtRage (AR), a Sleek and cool interface shows up. Its so cool, it actually gave me some kind of inspiration to start painting right away! The first thing that crossed my mind is how much stuff seemed to be there in this software. Here, there are menus residing on every side of the window; and the bottom menus actually look like the Lagoons from SB. Although it stands mostly as a graphical replication of standard buttons, its actually very handy, and gives you everything you need to paint; nothing clever or fancy like the ones in SB. You get every option clear and clean, and its easy to blast off with creativity without as much as looking at all the options. Like SB, you get a certain degree of customization too, but its pretty much limited to positioning the tool bars. AR has a GUI different from the default windows interface too, introducing custom buttons; while attractive, it gets the job done perfectly well. I’ve noticed a slight lag in menu selection when quickly shifting between menus though; but it is too minor a problem and only happens at certain times. AR does not eat much RAM too, much lesser than I imagined it would have.

Features and Toolsets

SB has pretty much only, well, that much. You don’t really have a lot of tools at your disposal – there’s the Pencil, Pen, Marker, Paintbrush, Airbrush, Felt Tip pens, Fill, the standard Eraser and some modification options like Smear, Blur and Sharpen. There are no effects you can apply, no elements of post-production and no kinds of Blending modes – you’re limited to exporting the scene to an Image Editor if you would like to add some effects, but then, that isn’t the target of this software anyway.

AR, however, has a lot more to offer in comparison to SB. You have several more tools to help you in painting. These include several tools similar to SB, holding more such as Palette Knife, Chalk, Paint Tubes, Paint Rollers and Crayons. You also have ways to texture your image using the Texture Patterns in the Options menu; you can mimic drawing on paper, canvas, crumpled paper, or cellulose cels (my favorite); each of them can vastly differ your final painting. AR also offers many kinds of Blending Modes, including Bump Modes, that can give an effect of depth in your paintings. And there are several great bonus tools too; like stencils, reference image and tracing abilities. In short, there’s a LOT.

The Actual Painting Arsenal and The Experience

Even if Sketchbook suffers from lack of tools, in makes up in another way; quality. Most of existing tools are brilliantly done – the Pencil especially. SB’s pencil tool is second to none in my entire painting-software-experience span; its so perfect and so elegant, you’ll not be able to put the pen down once you start sketching. Its so fluid and lifelike, it could be mistaken as of drawing directly on screen. It acts just the way it should, as in real life, and depends a lot on the pressure you put on the pen. Similar to the Pencil tool, the Ballpoint and the Felt Tip pens also share similar traits; and I must say, they’re the best ever sketching / outlining tools I’ve ever used. Apart from these sketching tools, we have the Airbrush tool (which I personally use for almost all my paintings) and the Chisel tip. There isn’t much to say about them in detail, except that they get the job done. SB also offers you a reasonable rate of Brush Editing options (but never in the crazy range of MyPaint) and allows you to make custom brushes including textured brushes, giving you control over the pressure sensitivity, opacity, slant roundness and a few more. You can have as many number of Custom Brushes as you want. One drawback I noticed especially while painting with huge-sized brushes was the slowdown it could bring in – I recommend not to use the brushes with the values turned up crazily high; use the fill tool instead, if you wanna cover large areas.

On the downside, the Paintbrush is utter crap; its better off being called a Marker or something, because it is actually a larger form of a standard pencil and it works only to that effect. It has no characteristics of any actual Paintbrush at all.

SB crashed at times too, especially when using large brushes. But maybe, it must be because I’m on a 64bit OS, and I’m using the 32bit of the software.

In AR, the brushes react so well to the Pen rotation and pressure; its such a joy to work with. The multitude of tools and features available to the raw user show how much colloboration there is between the guiding artist and the programmers; its very much made to be an ultimate painting program. The tools work so lovely, its like in real life – you can mix and blend in colors like you can in Corel Painter, you can blend it to the layer beneath for a special effect or you can scratch all over the painting using the Palette knife for a unique effect. The Airbrush also responds well to pen rotation, its like you’re actually blowing onto the screen. The paint tubes work awesome and cool too; you splash in a couple of tube dabs, and mix it away using ANYTHING!

The pencil, however, does not feel as how it is in SB. It feels like a normal painting program with some amount of pressure reaction and simulation, but isn’t fun like the one in SB. Well, you can’t have it all right? And funnily, there’s no obvious Fill tool in AR! Or atleast, I haven’t found one.


I’ve been using Sketchbook since quite a while, around more than a year or so, and I’ve been completely happy with it, that is, until I used ArtRage. ArtRage has changed the way I paint Digitally now, and its tools, so flexible and close to perfect, is a blast to use, and I’m having a great experience with it. After using ArtRage, I wonder how the $120 of SB is justified in comparison with ArtRage’s retail price og $40. (The one I’m using costs $40, the Studio version)

However, in the end, neither of them will come close to big daddies like Painter, TwistedBrush or Photoshop; these are meant for a totally different league altogether and they do just what they say they can do. But still, I’ve seen people do great wacky stuff in Sketchbook too!

Personally, I will not dump any of them for the other. Sketchbook suits my concept creations and quick sketching, with some basic color blocking and shading; and then I can export to ArtRage to complete it. Both of them are great, and they work wonderfully for me depending on my momentary needs, and hence, I recommend giving both a try. Also, ArtRage has a great following behind it; you should have no problems getting answers for any doubts, but hey; this software is SO simple, you won’t have any doubts at all!

I hope you enjoyed this article – Happy Painting People!

PS: If you’d like to, you can check out a few of my works done in Sketchbook over at my Deviant page at

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Posted by Milad   @   2 February 2010 86 comments
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Feb 3, 2011
2:39 pm

This design is wicked! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

Aug 22, 2011
8:20 am
#2 Bill :

But, TwistedBrush Pro is just $20 more than Artrage Pro. How would they compare?

Oct 19, 2012
7:37 am
#3 Red :

I recently purchased both (as well as am a user of both Photoshop and Painter), and after experimenting with ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro for over a week, here is my opinion: ArtRage is a much better painting tool. If you come from a fine art background you will love it. Even the watercolor brush handles far better and more efficiently than Corel’s Painter. I was not impressed with some of the tools like pencil and glitter, but the blob ink, watercolor brush, painting brush are far ahead of the game. I actually liked the ArtRage interface more than Sketchbook Pro. It was just simple and does not get in the way. I like that even when you paint or move the pen toward open windows they will automatically disappear and come back when you are away from the area. This is pretty awesome. I’m going to probably switch to ArtRage instead of Painter for some future projects. The thing I liked about SketchBook was that they have the best pencil tool I have ever used. You can customize tools and create all kinds of brushes with very intricate details and save them. I feel the interface is not as streamlined as it could be. It works well with a wacom, but there are a few things I noticed which sort of can be improved on (for example, a lot of the icons seem to be taken from 3D applications. I know it is by AutoDesk so I can’t blame them.) Also compared to some other drawing applications it just seem a little outdated. I noticed there was lag when rotating canvas and drawing on a rotated screen. The painting tools are the worst. My verdict is that for drawing, sketching, layout, use Sketchbook Pro. For painting and color, ArtRage. For price ArtRage wins. For stability and ease of use, ArtRage wins. For integration, Sketchbook wins. Both have their ups and downs. But I’m glad to be using something other than Photoshop and seeing competition like this is healthy for us creatives.

Jan 26, 2013
12:17 am
#4 murthada o lawal :

to me photoshop is the ultimate painting software. however, i am yet to use Corel painter and sketchbook pro, in fact i am downloading sketchbook pro right now. however i can confidently say Artrage pro is very intuitive and reacts just like the natural art materials the icons depicted. though i started experimenting AR less 48 hours ago i know that you can achieve color FILL by pressing F, in fact each letter of the keyboard represents the initials of most ICONS and COMMANDS in the application. for sure i shall be adopting it for my preliminary painting concepts now, while PS will be used for the finishing. till i try out painter and sketchbook, mark my word ARTRAGE as a bright future in 2D world as ZRUSH in 3D.- regards

Dec 25, 2013
7:58 am

I’m an indie game designer with an AAS degree in Visual Communications and I’m around the Utah part of the games industry. And here’s something i’ve got to say about Sketchbook Pro… I’m downloading Art Rage right now, just so you know… Because I love painting and I want to learn more without a bulky canvas and a big mess of the traditional supplies, but my strengths are in a pencil and pen. AND markers. Copic markers. My art back ground stems back to elementary and middle school, and i took art classes all throughout high school and my first degree of college. The majority of the time, it was all pencils. Colored pencils, mechanical pencils, charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers, tortillions, and toilet paper… Cause smudging led around is awesome. I got to the point where I could create what looked to be a black and white photo of something had I a reference. Total overkill on my pencil skills. I didn’t pick up another medium for years. I finally picked up lining pens, brush pens, and markers… All by Copic. I finally picked up another medium AFTER college. (Took me long enough, right?) I created my own paper back RPGs in high school and pencil was my art work for the games. I only discovered digital illustration last year. I had no idea Wacom tablets existed. I now have a bamboo Create and a 27″ iMac. I’m telling you though… I loved cartooning. Sketchbook pro is VERY STRONG with cartooning. It’s perfect for a web cartoonist, or a guy that does the whole method of pencil, pen, erase pencil, scan, and digitally shade. Sketchbook also has a Copic Library, and it feels exactly the same as the real thing. I’ll agree, I think the painting is rough in it though i tried… But if you do my smudging technique in Sketchbook where you produce a black and white image and then put color under it, it’s great. I can also create PSD files to export into a 2D animation program called Anime Studio where I can take what I draw and animate it. I can say, that if you have a strong background with pencil, you’ll love it and you can compete. Just make sure you stick with pencils and pens… And the airbrushes are pretty cool too. I’m actually very ignorant about painting, but i have found it’s kind of rough to paint in Sketchbook. What’s intimidating about Sketchbook Pro is that it relies on traditional skills. If you can do it on paper, you can do it digitally. If you’re a cartoonist that’s really strong in this are of pencil, pen, and markers… Go for it. I’ve never painted much. I don’t want to learn traditionally because it’s a mess. But I think I’m going to have fun with Art Rage. I don’t know if it will stop me from using Sketchbook though. Every time I try to paint what I do in pencil… AAARGH But that’s just me.

Mar 18, 2014
5:16 am

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May 30, 2014
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#20 Robin :

Thanks for this informative review. I am a traditional painter and just learning about digital media, so I think I’ll start with ArtRage (and possibly Sketchbook when I just want to draw)…. and perhaps Gimp for editing photos until I can afford Photoshop.

Just thought you should know that you really need to put a spam filter on your blog. Comments #7-20 are all spam. Commenter #6 is correct that none of the images are correctly linked. Otherwise, great article.. just need to do some blog maintenance before the spammers completely take over your blog

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