Avatar : Simply the best CG+Live Action movie of ALL times!

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I went to watch James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D yesterday. Yeah, I know I’m a month late, and being the animation freak I am, I just don’t know why I didn’t watch it earlier. I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d accept this combination of 3D and CG characters. And boy, I regret not going for it on the release date.

Avatar, is easily one of the best CG+Live action movie I’ve ever seen. The visuals, simulations and special effects, are simply stunning. The characters (especially Avatar Jake and Neytiri) are unbelievably incredible, and they move with such a way, like really true, living and breathing creatures. The colourful, and brilliantly portrayed world of Na’Vi is rendered so beautifully, it literally looks like heaven. The lighting and particularly, the night scenes, showcasing Na’Vi at night are so amazingly wonderful and breathtaking, you’ll wish the movie never ends.

Coupled with 3D, its like you can actually feel the world. Its one of those bizarre experiences, like the situation is happening right in front of you. The linear polaroid glasses reinforces the stereoscopic contents with a crazy amount of realism. It’s of such effect, that you can easily forget that your in a theatre. There is actual depth in the movie, just like in real life. It made me wanna jump and fly on the Dragons, bite on the juicy fruits of the wild, and go crazy with the bow and arrows.

The premise of the story is relatively simple compared to the visuals. Jake Sully, a disabled marine is sent to the moon Pandora, on a mission to infiltrate and learn about the humanoid creatures known as Na’Vi. But he falls in love with the place and natives, and he slowly yearns to forget his human side.

Though the story may seem simple, its filled with several breathtaking moments and intense action sequences. The first half of the movie is somewhat dry in comparison with the second, but most of the story unfolds in the first through narration. Some of the scenes actually gave me Goosebumps, especially the scenes where Jake learns to fly the dragon, and the war scenes in the near-end of the movie; they’re downright amazing and is a feast for the eyes. There’re several powerful emotional scenes, especially one where Jake finds out he can actually run, within the body of Avatar, and he runs around in the open environs, enjoying every step he took. The action scenes are so beautifully done, its tight and tension-filled.

The sound department did great job on the sound too; everything is made alive with the help of the amazing sound; you can feel the rustle of the leaves, the groan and cries of the creatures, and the soft whoosh of the arrows zipping through the wind. The soundtrack is amazing too, and it fits each scene perfectly, and it adds brilliantly to the mood of the scene depicted, whether its when Jake’s mind is translated into the Avatar, or when its a war scenario.

All in all, Avatar is one amazing film; its technologically ground-breaking, with the stunning visuals and sound. You can easily feel the amount of passion James Cameron had, and the effort he took to make it true undeniably paid off.

I loved the film from start to end, but I have one slight quetch; the 3D experience was amazing, but I felt it slightly went against the animation and Vfx. At times I felt I’ve been looking at the wrong thing due to the depth of field, and sometimes I felt there was ghosting to an extent. But these are just minor complaints, and it should be nothing that could retract from the film experience.

I definitely recommend everyone to catch it on 3D while its at the theatres. The movie is brilliant in any said format, and nothing beats watching it in 3D; its like cherry topping on a delicious ice-cream.

And psst, Avatar Jake’s smile rocks- the best CG emotion ever!

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Posted by Milad   @   24 January 2010 1 comments
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Feb 9, 2010
10:06 pm
#1 shihab :

dude its a good movie,, grafix and everything
but story wise,,, u have pocahintas with the same story,,, u also have vietnam colony with the exact same story

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