Back to classic Retro gaming with Virtual Nintendo (vNES)

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“Dude, do you want to relive your school days? Those home computer days?”. My friend, Zubair asked me. (I would die to get back to those days anyways.. :D)

“Ofcourse, what and how?”

Basketball. Crazy!

“Do you really want to?”

(Enough to get me curious and excited)

“Check this out : “

My responses after that all shows the obvious me.. 😛

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "Kids of today... You know nothing."

“OMG!!!! My favorite basketball game :O . I used to spend hours on this”

“Contra Force . Bomberman . Kung Fu . Super Mario . Some flying Ninja dude game there are so many games”. He continued.

Not just 10 but 100s

“OMG! Yea.. immense list”, I agreed.

By that point, my excitement grew to a point where the natural rant in me came out.

“OMG!!! Basketball. Boxing. Baseball. Mario. WRESTLEMANIA CHALLENGE. OMG OMG! I never imagined I did see them again.. even though I really wanted to..never knew how. But this is just too good”. I said.

“You  never die off these arcade games. Seriously. These were gems 🙁 Pure gaming brilliance.
Nowadays kids and new comer gamers are blinded by lots of things.. graphics, AI, physics, blah blah and they get bored out soon enough. But this…  :O omg omg”. I added.

“ROFL I know man. This is what gaming should have been. This is what i like to call bliss. Moreover these games require patience and skill”, he said.

“Yea. Totally. Its like playing chess on a real board”


“You cant quit. You wont feel like quitting. There is no AI to think or get irritated about”.

“Yea . AI is always fixed and even after that same pattern,  People still can’t complete the game.”

“And you never get tired of it either”. I concluded.

Seriously! Who can forget this? I can't anyways. 😀 (Double Dragon)

All in all, this chat proved very well how two long time gamers  found bliss in this hidden treasure. 🙂

If you do check out the page, and if you want to play all those games, you will need to install Java Runtime Environment (Click here to get it).  The games run via a Java based, web browser emulator called ‘Virtual NES‘ or ‘vNES‘ coded by Jamie Sanders. With it you can play all those awesome classics from the ATARi, Nintendo, Home computer consoles.

Cheers! Have Fun! 🙂
And again, thanks to Zubair.

P.s. Btw, I noticed that this can be a good past time during work. ‘Wink! Wink!’.. I take no responsibility for such actions. 😀

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Posted by Arif   @   8 June 2010 2 comments
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Jun 8, 2010
6:01 pm
#1 nadeem :

gud post//

Apr 15, 2015
12:39 pm

what an awesome website. love the nintendo nes console. old school games are the greatest.

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