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I am a select movie watcher. Chances of watching a movie regularly is slim, but when I watch one, it will be one selected after ‘careful study’ and comparative dissection of every kind, selection processes magnitudes ahead of those what they do at the Oscars and Awards,  of how the movie will fare, technically as well as otherwise. Of course, no one would want to have their time go waste watching some (@#(@ movie or other. There are people who enjoy movies like that, but that’s another story.

But on the overall, I am asking you ‘Why do you watch a movie’?

Well, you got time to kill before you hit the bed and you have nothing else to do. One answer would be to entertain yourselves. Another would be time pass. Or enjoying the latest of technology, weapons, CG, live action and stuff. Or you want to see your favorite actress running around…um.. just running around.. 😛

The list can go on.

On the other hand, have you thought about the making of a movie?

What all happens behind the scenes, how every step of the actor/ actress or any person on the screen has to mix with the very next scene so you get that continuity. Or how the music blends in, in such a way that you start hearing soundtracks in your life when you walk about in the dark alley ways or paths outside your house. Or How the camera moved or flied along with the star, who is busy jumping from one building to another and how beautifully it is all captured? Or how everything just mixes up to form that 2-3 hours of effort you finally spend your time and ‘at times’ money on?

You might not think up all this while watching the movie. Maybe later.

But do it during the movie, then mix everything, and you get ME.

I cant watch a movie in any other way. When I watch one, I will be multi tasking between the scenes and my thoughts.

“OMG! Awesome acting. I like the way he keeps eye contact with her. He isn’t blushing either. W00t!  Pure feelings.
Brilliant camera work, everything is done in almost one shot.

Man, the sounds… its definitely put me on the edge of my seat.. I  will jump any second.

The director should’ve definitely corrected this scene. If the camera had moved in from here, we would’ve seen a much better angle of emotions.

Continuity mistake here, the previous scene had him eating. Now he is not. And that shot looked like it was taken at a different time of the day. Damn”

Like this. tonnes of thoughts. Its a grand flood, a tsunami, a hurricane of thoughts.

A Scene from 'The Shawshank Redemption' - My All Time Favorite

So you see. The movies I see would be on a minimum. But some call me a movie buff, cuz i go deep. I take it deep. I want it deep.

Its like, I want to feel the emotions, I want to scream when he screams, i want to cry when she does, i want to run, and run and run, without looking back, i want to think and help think, and if permitted, give a suggestion. Man, its just impossible to explain how all this happens. If i watch a movie, i want to be in it.

So, as a lot of friends claim, It can be very hard to impress me on the movie front, cuz i might find something or the other in it and say it out that might actually disappoint you. Sorry but that’s the way. But I do have my list of favourite movies nonetheless.

Now, after I have said this much, let me introduce you to a deal that left me impressed in a way, that i am dumbstruck.

Nowadays, after the advent of YouTube, I get to see a lot of amateur artists and videos. And gotta tell ya’, some of them will beat the big guns any day. Some are shot by big guys on a short budget. Some may be done by a gang of guys with similar interests. Some maybe doing their arts thesis. All of them got their equipment and backup for time that one day, they are expected to make movies for some reason or the other.

How will it be like if you are a one man army, with no equipment other than your PC and a small Camera (used for photo snaps), irresistible passion and a few good supporting friends. Enter BLACKTH0RN FILMS. 🙂

The guy behind the deal is A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF mine, Mithun Sundaresh. Some one who shares his crazy thoughts with me, and likewise, someone who listens to me rant day and night about the crazy thing i did the other night.

Chaplin used to be involved behind the scenes a lot

He always used to tell me about his passion in movie making, and I used to admire one fact about that, he has a craze for thrillers and horror. And the way he used to describe stories and cine-matics  and such, one will do nothing other than wonder ‘What if it came to be a movie’?

Its been a few years since we split (he and me are in different countries now, but never out of touch) and got busy with our lives, those dreams went lost. Or so I thought.

But haven’t you heard?

“If you are passionate about something, you will definitely achieve it someday, no matter what!”

And that’s what happened.

Using a friends camera, and his off-shift time and a friend, he shot his first movie. “It wasn’t something major, understandably experimental” was his words when i caught up with him on pure excitement. But to me, the editing and the music was on the spot, the cinematography and acting – impressive. It was well worth a start. More than it actually.

The first one fuelled an idea for a quick second. And that was sure a step up.

I was ‘bamboozled’ by the way the second movie was made. The direction was impressive, the camera work was OUTRAGEOUS, the sounds and song selection EXCELLENT and the acting was more than just OMG! creditable. It was an amazing outcome and it simply killed me with excitement. More like i was proud that ‘I am Mithun’s Friend’  😀 hehe

You have to keep in mind that there wasn’t a solid plot to rest upon until some few minutes before the movie.

Alfred Hitchcock - Thrill Legend.

Everything was made up in a jiffy. It was his solo idea. And he didn’t have a camera of his own. Imagine if he did. 😀

Mithun, to you, I have friends in the movie and music industry. But when their output is compared to some one who hasn’t gone to Cinema college and studied Film Making, I did say one thing. ‘Just because you learn and get a degree, it won’t make you a master in the field. Its the raw passion and devotion that counts’.

And besides its people like him who create movies out of the desire and drive to make meaningful and worthy stuff. And that’s why I like amateur artists better comparatively.

Keep it coming bro! Kudos to You! Rock on! 🙂 🙂

All in all, the whole deal about having a friend passionate about something (or mostly everything) that you are also, is something you will actually cherish. You will only know that when you are in a similar situation.

Here are the movies that I hyped up so much that you might actually die not watching. hehe 🙂

Enjoy BLaCkTh0Rn FiLMS!

The first one –

This is the second movie

You can connect to Mithun through his blog.

I have been longing to write all this for a while now (maybe a month). But overall, enjoyed watching and enjoying writing. Hope you did too. 🙂 (long read i suppose). 🙂 😀

One last point – “Its Never Too Late To Start Something New.”


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Posted by Arif   @   25 May 2010 7 comments
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May 25, 2010
7:51 pm

Dude … you praised me a lot in this article. I don’t deserve that although i very much liked it. Thanks man. This is gonna be close to ma heart … thx brother !!!

Author May 26, 2010
12:46 am
#2 Arif :


Jun 19, 2013
8:36 pm
#3 Vipin :

Really impressive… all praises to Mithun.. sometimes he also needs to be criticized on his work so that the praises doesn’t get to his head, we need to make him improve and bring out the best from him… he is just awesome… I think we all need to support this great guy to achieve his passion… I will always be with you bro and try my best in wat ever ways possible…

Author Jun 19, 2013
8:40 pm
#4 Arif :

Thanks a lot Vipin. 🙂 You have to remember that this was a long time ago (3 yrs is a long time) and when we started and shared our interests, I was really impressed by the way he brought out his work back then itself.
🙂 That’s when I realised that we really have a game in our hands. 🙂

Hope to see more awesome work by him. And from Zuba as the Production House.

Jun 19, 2013
8:43 pm
#5 Vipin :

I came again.. sorry to miss out on you Arif… thanks for accepting me as ur buddy… And a really a beautiful article.. English is awesome … I was wondering will I be able to match up with u guys…I know I have a very long way to go.. but I will try to catch up with you guys at least …

Author Jun 19, 2013
8:48 pm
#6 Arif :

Haha.. 😀 That’s ok Vipin.. 🙂 We are just ‘amateurs with a passion’. 🙂 But we want to get there.. And btw, why not? We can sure do catch up sometime somewhere. 🙂 Plus I personally am going to look forward to your works as well. 🙂

More power to all! 😀

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