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Whenever I feel like blogging, I immediately jump to the WordPress bookmark in my browser, log in (I don’t save my username and password), find the tab to write up a new post, use the online text editor and write away, doing all the editing and hyperlinking all online. Yeah, this might not be much of a trouble but when you come to frequent blogging, this can be something thats time-consuming and more filled with hurdles. Imagine the wordpress servers are down and you can’t login. Then what? It’s a headache really cuz by the time you logon, you will lose your patience and most probably will hit the writers block, never to end up sitting and writing that awesome article you got in your head. 😀

I usually keep drafts when it comes to writing blog posts. More of them are written in NOTEPAD and kept in the safety of my Harddrive. I used to wonder ‘If only there was a publish button on Notepad (so i could post directly). Yups.. 😀 I am spoilt. The more you get, the more you seem to want. Human Nature. But then don’t blame me. I found just this software which has got an awesome text editor (like notepad), blogging goodies and a lot more, which just about delivers the task of posting directly from your desktop. Guess someone else had the idea before me.. as if i might have made a move for making such a software.. or i should have.. hmm.. anyways..

That software is called w.bloggar.

You can click here to download w.bloggar. Make sure you choose the full setup (Mozilla is a better preference than IE)

The SETUP of w.bloggar
When you install and run w.bloggar for the first time, you will be asked if you have a current blog or not. I had a current blog, so i clicked on yes. The next step wants you to write up a name alias for the blog on w.bloggar. This is just for how you want to name your blog (just for the software). This becomes handy later as when you are using multiple blogs, you can select the respective name/blog you want to post on (if you have multiple blogs, you get a drop down later screen where you can select). Best preferred, give the name of your blog.

You then can select the service with which your existing blog resides. I chose WordPress.

There is suboption (Pingings) where you ping the sites listed (technorati, pingomatic) every time you post.

Account settings
Where is your blog hosted?
If it is hosted with WordPress itself, you just to fill in, where ‘yourblogname’ stands for, obviously, your blog name. 🙂
If it is hosted elsewhere, you have to direct it accordingly, (,,

The redirecting of the API is the next step and is the most important step, you are actually supposed to direct it to a (/xmlrpc.php). When your blog is hosted with WordPress itself, you just need to keep that as the same. But when you have a different directory, make sure you direct it accordingly.
For instance, if your blog is hosted at, and the address is as ‘’, then the redirecting goes to ‘/yourblog/xmlrpc.php’. Just make sure the root setup is correct.

The port is ’80’ itself. Don’t make a change unless you have personally made a port change as when using ‘https’

The Software
w.bloggar features a text editor, a ‘more’ tag screen (which results in Read More) and a preview screen. In the preview screen, you will able to monitor how the page looks when seen through a web-browser and can tweak it accordingly. A POST buttong and a POST and publish button is present for putting up a draft and publishing the draft respectively. There are a lot of options you can play around with.

Main Features in a nutshell
Post and Publish on most blogs/cms tools and services
Edit Posts and Templates
Save Posts locally for further publishing
Import Text files
Add links and images
Format text font and alignment
Multiple accounts and blogs
Post preview
Colorized HTML code
HTML tags menu
Find/Replace option
Post to many blogs
Title and Category Fields
Spell Checking
File and Image Upload
Custom Tags Menu
Toolbar Icons Skin
Supports Windows XP
Support to the advanced MovableType options New!
Add Account Wizard New!
Support to Multiple Categories New!
Option to XHTML compliance New!
Import and Export Settings New!
Ping to Weblogs.Com,, Technorati and ping-o-matic New!
No Spyware!
No Nag Screens!
( Features taken from

Personally, this is one of the best blog related things that i have come across in a while. I am frequenting it more than i frequent my wordpress online, cuz its right there on the desktop. 🙂

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Posted by Arif   @   10 January 2010 2 comments
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