CPU-Z : Detect your computer's hardware with this neat software.

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Here is a neat software called CPU-Z, a product from CPUID, that helps you in detecting what all important components you have in your pc like the processor type, model, stepping, southbridge, northbridge, the bios model and version, the motherboard category, the supported chipsets, video processors, the bus speeds, the ram speeds and manufacturing company, slots speeds and such.
Once the program is executed
, you will see that there are five tabs with each of them related to the components present. Its got a neat interface and is really easy to use. Just click the tabs for the information to be seen. The download is a zip file and is around 400 kb, so it doesnt put up a hassle on the telephone lines and is quick.
Its easy to install and use. Just extract the zip file and run the exe file that comes along with a readme file. It will take some time to start, depending on your ram and processor speed. You will have to be patient if it takes time. This is because the software will have to use the resources to gather a lot of information that will prove to be relevant to you. This will help you in getting info on what kind of processor your rig is carrying and this will help in future hardware upgrades and firmware updates of the bios, vga, sound, modem, lan drivers etc.

A large variety of processors and motherboards are supported. They are listed below.

Intel’s latest i486, Pentium, Pentium MMX, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Celeron (P2/P3/P4/PM), Pentium!!!, Pentium !!!-M, Pentium 4, Pentium 4-M, Pentium M, Xeon (P2/P3/P4), Pentium D, Pentium XE, Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme.

For AMD there are the Am5x86, K5, K6, K6-2, K6-III, K6-2+, K6-III+, Athlon (4, XP, MP), Duron, Sempron (K7/K8, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, Turion, Opteron, Athlon FX.

Transmeta’s Crusoë TM3200, TM5400, TM5500, TM5600, TM5800 are also supported by the application, as well as VIA’s C3 (Samuel, Samuel2, Ezra, Ezra-T, Nehemiah), C7 and C7-M. If you want to test it on older CPU’s, you can try it on Cyrix’s M1, M2

The chipsets that are supported are:
ntel, VIA, nVidia, ATi, AMD and SiS. The Intel chipsets are i430TX, i440LX, i440FX, i440BX/ZX, i810/E, i815/E/EP/EM, i840, i845, i845E, i845G, i850/E, i845PE/GE, E7205 (Granite Bay), E7500, E7520, i852, i855, i865P/PE/G, i875P, i915P/G, i915PM/GM, i925X/XE, i945P/PL/G/GZ, i945PM/GM/GT, i955X/XE, P965, Q965, G965, i975X.
For VIA there are the Apollo VP3, Apollo Pro, Apollo Pro +, Apollo Pro 266, KX133, KT133(&A), KT266(&A), KT400(&A), KT600, P4X266(&A), PT880, PT880 Pro, K8T800, K8T890, K8T900 devices.

nVidia is present with nForce, nForce2, nForce3, nForce4, nForce4 SLI Intel Edition, GeForce 6100/6150 (nForce 410/430), nForce 590.

ATi’s representatives are RS350, RS400, RS480/RX480, RS482, RD580/RX580, RS600/RD600, RS690, RS700.

AMD and SiS have fewer chipsets supported by the software thus, from the former only the AM-751, AM-761, AM-762 (760MP) while the latter is a bit heftier and the software will provide you support for 645, 645DX, 648, 648FX, 649, 655FX, 655TX, 656, 735, 756, 761GX, 760, 760GX, 755, 755FX, 741, 741GX.


I conclude that this is a must have for each and every person who uses a computer. A download is recommended.

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Posted by Arif   @   12 January 2008 0 comments
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