Crossfire: Open Source, Free, and Awesome.

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This game appeals a lot to me. I just tried it today after being recommended by a friend (online multiplayer pal) and got to say, I am Impressed.

After playing Counter-Strike at game stores and gamer exhibitions and getting a feel of the online servers where millions of players are passing virtual bullets and grenades  at each other, its cruel leaving it just like that and moving on. In the sense, CS has been awesome for so many years. Its the DUDE of online FPS stuff. And its not free. Of course. Buts its worth it. A million times.

But here is a crisp cut-copy-paste with a small title change. And the deal that stuns me is – “Its free”. And the online servers are too good that I didn’t get pinged down by high pings (don’t mind the repeat) and ultimately getting kicked out (which is very occasional in CS)

CROSSFIRE is an Free, Open Source, Mass Multiplayer alternative to Counter Strike. It performs to the same. And works around the same controls. Has the same voices and the same degree of involvement. And its still developing.

Currently, there are some awesome open servers where lots of games are listed so you can find yourselves firing away at any time of the day no matter what. Nothing to stop you from that in fact.

You can download Crossfire from here. I recommend using the Torrent, ‘cuz it gives the fastest possible speeds on the download.

There is a brimming online community for this game, lots of busy enthusiasts who back the development and more others discussing the way they killed the latest noob who entered the fray.

Altogether, a good online multiplayer option.

The last thing i did on the game before writing this post was facing an opponent (who was perched on a window) and him not seeing me (me being behind him). I run out of bullets. He turns and sees me. I miss the key for the knife and end up seeing the grenade in my hand. I block his path out, he draws his gun and fires, i throw the grenade at my foot. I end up killing him and me at the same time. For the team. xD . But we lost anyways.. :S

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Posted by Arif   @   6 July 2010 4 comments
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Jul 7, 2010
12:16 am
#1 Afsal :

Bro shall i use in 256 mb vram and 2 gb ram + dual core amd machine ..will that peform good ?

Author Jul 7, 2010
1:02 am
#2 Arif :

Yup dude. It will perform like bliss.

Jul 9, 2010
11:15 am
#3 blinkky :

Never play it before. But look really awesome =)

Sep 7, 2010
6:27 pm
#4 Sajib :

It’s an online game, right? 🙁 I wish it was offline game. 🙁

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