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I’m an avid short-movie watcher.

A good one at that.

My weekends are at times filled with binge watching shorts to the point that I won’t be able to cramp up more than that can be delivered. And that’s where the catch is. Shorts, usually, do fall short of the delivery. Usually. Barring out some of the rare gems that YouTube, as the right platform, would be proud to offer.

There would be something or the other that would bother me while watching them.  I follow a certain pattern while movie watching, that doesn’t really comply with my fellow viewers when we are in the same room.

Well coming to the point, its been nearly 8 years since I wrote that particular post. Wow. Nearly 8 years. That’s a pretty long, but good time to talk about a really dedicated someone who’s evolved through the years with the art in the heart. That’s something for the spark of inspiration for the people out there.

And Ghatakan is the evolution.


What started as fun with a mobile phone camera, a few friends, an on-the-spot-cooked-up story and no technical prop other than an office room, or his stay apartment back in 2009, to this – the lush open locations nature has to offer, technically well equipped with a more savvy skill set, backed by a strong, progressive and equally dedicated team of experience behind and in front of the camera, Mithun Sundaresh has grown with a repertoire capable of catering to any creative requirement.

It feels like a fairy tale happening, a mesmerising and an inspiring growth of character and profession when looking at the picture from afar. But, at the same time, it’s not one without sacrifices, hard work and determination. Nothing short of that.

*minor spoiler alert ahead* 

Ghatakan is the story of a diabolical killer with a diamond in possession. Things don’t rest on that laurel as he is being chased into surrendering it, with, on one side, the police, and on the other side, three friends. Touted as the rebirth of action films in general considering the market in Kerala, and also the first Malayalam action short, this project is hailed as a tribute to the late legendary action hero of the film industry, Jayan.

The story revolves around the three central characters; Ghatakan (Rohit Rajan), Govind (Ramesh Menon) and Johnson (Thaha Kolpad), with their respective narratives. Its more of a three way battle between their appearances, with each pulling a rabbit out of the hat with their performances. Ramesh and Thaha does a great job, well-defined to their roles, the former as one who loses a lot in the process of the diamond hunt, the other as a city police officer  constantly being pressured to settle the case, but it is the exceptional Rohit who surpasses a shade above the rest with his madman persona, sending up a chill at certain moments with his Joker-esque turn of emotions, and particularly his stare, and even bringing up a smile at another. Character development has been well defined, with each of the main three getting enough screen time to mature a presence in the minds of the viewers.  The rest of the cast deserves matching mention for their part too, with Arun Mena doing an effective role as Johnson’s superior, Karim.

Ghatakan 6

The movie is a visual treat, starting with the lush, open and picturesque spaces of  Vedikuzhi on the Western Ghats, and spotted with the beautiful scenic coastline of Kochi and Thevara. Camerawork, is brilliant, and coupled with input from the always enthusiastic Achuthan Warrier, it really shows its strengths as the standout feature of the movie.

Everything starts and ends with the music. Due credit has to be given for that, as the multi-talented Rohit Rajan brings out his skill with the harmonica and strings, with a melody that marries the long lost tune from Western Cowboy classics (The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly comes to mind) of the ’60s-’80s, with the visuals, and the impressively placed ‘Thedunnu’ as the main track of the film that will stick to you long after you are done with the movie. Supported by professional sound studios  for audio work also comes as a boon, as the dubbing, sound effects and audio in general is well balanced for a 5.1 home theatre experience.

Another standout feature is the action. Boy did that come out so well! Choreographed by the keen MMA follower in Thaha, and with Ramesh, the fight scenes are on par with movies that are worked on at a much higher production value.

But all this would not have come to fruition without the balance and master plan of the director, Mithun Sundaresh. The script had been patiently waiting under the ropes for over an year with major discussions slowly shaping the story, and his effort with the final rendition as to how the movie turned out to be is awe-inspiring. From the very first second, it is evident as to how much has evolved in his skill-set with post-production. As being the Principal DOP, his work with the camera is immaculate, bringing locations to life, and making them even more impressive, the scenes more tense and happening, and the action gripping as if you are living in it. Being a Kurosawa and David Lynch fan is an addition when it comes to drawing up creative inspiration.

Multiple locations, frustrating schedules, production fund drops, unplanned giveaways of losing the cast at the wrong times would’ve been temporarily unfortunate but at the same time, they all acted like a catalyst for bringing this movie as it is now.

Overall, Ghatakan is technically brilliant, and is certainly the step in the right direction for Mithun and the team. There’s lots of action, lots of pace and plenty of drama to keep us entertained till the last second, so it delivers justice on all fronts for what was originally planned for it to be.

Jayan definitely would have been proud.


Ghatakan is available as a pay-and-view model that is a first in the short film industry as well, at least in India. Gathering the response after the release of the movie and the success of this system, we might get to see more and more quality work from filmmakers and enthusiasts alike, as this helps like a reward system for them.

For watching the film

1. Head To: https://www.mithunsundareshfilms.com/ghatakan
2. Click on “I Agree” when the agreement page pops up. This takes you to the Ghatakan webpage.
3. Click on “Watch | 20”.
4. Enter your name, email and phone number. Pay Rs 20.
5. Watch the film.

The evolution of good cinema starts with you. Support the evolution. 🙂 <3

You can follow Ghatakan, Mithun, and the gang on Facebook by clicking here.

Afternote: I recommend watching this on headphones, or a good surround sound setup if on TV if you’re looking for an immersive viewing experience. There is a psychological aspect to this movie that shows itself within the first few minutes itself, so make sure you don’t miss any of those dialogues. There would be times you would get confused as to who delivered which dialogue because of the close sounding voices of some of the characters. Watch out for some impressive dialogue delivery too esp. Thaha, and Rohit. And Ramesh for yet another smooth performance. And kudos to Benish for getting his lights punched out.

Oh I forgot; viewer discretion is advised. With all that action comes a lot of gore, violence, and crude language so be ready to close your kid’s ears. There’s a reason its marked [G] – Grave, you see. 😛

And Mithun, you did awesome! 🙂 <3 Keep on rocking, bro!

“If you are passionate about something, you will definitely achieve it someday, no matter what!”


Some stills from the movie.


Mithuns’ pronounced love of using long distance/wide shots.

Ghatakan 4
If you look closely, you will see him.





Rohit is going famous. 😀

I just love this shot.

Ghatakan is coming for you…


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