How to clean your laptop/ flatscreen LCD monitor at home

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Cleaning an LCD monitor might seem to be a simple task. But guess what, with the wrong tools, things can seriously go wrong to the point where you might actually screw up your monitor big time. Ok, that might sound like an exaggeration, but that’s the truth. 😛 I have seen monitors spoiled (white-out/ dead pixels/ color wash-out) by just the use of cleaning agents.

Well, I have been looking for ways to clean my screen for a while, and I pretty much got the chance to do it now after I dissembled my entire laptop. :'( (My laptop is on the operation table thanks to a hardware failure. That’s a  complete story for another day).

So as I was saying, on my hunt through the markets, I found lots of sprays, lotions, cleaning cloths, kits and all those sort of stuff. Prices ranged from ok-ok cheap (low quality) to outright expensive, keeping the fact in mind that I’m  not going to use it all the time (I had a price in mind and everything seemed way over that). After looking through a lot of stuff, hunting and comparing reviews for each of them, I just couldn’t end up deciding on one (like I always do :P).

Many people complimented one tool while there were so many others who bashed it. The technique in which each should be used was mixed too, though there were plain outright obvious ones like
> Spray the fluid onto a cotton/linen swab and wipe it on the screen.
> Don’t over moist the swab
> Don’t spray the liquid onto the screen directly, this will end up damaging your display.

Like that lots.

My cleaning kit 🙂 – A bottle of vinegar, soft cloth and a cup of water

That’s when I thought there might actually be home based remedies for my screen. I went on my research and ended up learning a very simple tool/(liquid?) that can be used and that too with NO defect at all.


Vinegar is widely used as a cleaning agent in homes, majorly used on walls, tiles, mirrors, windows, tables and all that. And the results on glass were seemingly pinch perfect. More like the day you buy them. It has got to do with the high level of acidity that vinegar has that it seems to clean out stuff in a single wipe… close enough to the ads that you see on TV for branded cleansers. Just imagine, such a powerful tool is actually there in your kitchen. Moreover, vinegar is much safer than the conventional screen/glass cleaner.

After being a bit hesitant with my ‘experimentation idea’, I went ahead to try it out. That’s the way I always starting doing something. With a fear. 😛 Maybe its a good thing… especially when it comes out right.

So I went along, got myself a bottle of vinegar ( You don’t have to use the whole bottle), ANY vinegar would do, a soft dust free cotton cloth (I used an old brief 😛 ) and a small cup to hold the liquid. You only need to dip the cloth once, that too lightly, so only that much of quantity would be enough.

Take the cup, pour in about 5 ml of vinegar and around 5 times water. Distilled water would be nice (and is actually recommended), but I used normal water from the tap. Just dab the cloth in the now diluted liquid, enough to moisten a circular portion on the cloth, and wipe it onto the screen. Make sure you wipe the entire screen with that moist itself and turn the cloth around and dab the surface dry again. You might have to do this just once and you will see the difference straight away. If you want to do it further, go ahead, dab the liquid again and wipe.

Using this process, look at what happened to my screen. 🙂 It WAS dirty with dust, smudge, lots of fingerprints and dried waterdrops (?) it looked like I never bothered to clean it for months. I always used a soft cloth though, but really wouldn’t help on the long run, would it?

Actually, I let the liquid stay on the surface after wiping cuz it dried off quick by itself and I just dabbed in and around the screen where I thought it I saw some dust, wiping over a second time to finish it off.

The BEFORE n’ AFTER. Look how dirty the screen is? And look at the perfection of gloss after cleaning? Perfect!

This helped me immensely, and hope it does for you too!

P.s.Here’s a great link to see all those awesome uses of vinegar.

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