How to clear Print Queue (Windows 7 and 8)

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😀 A new calendar year and a new set of resolutions. With a lot more ‘possibly resolvable’ resolutions and plans, we set out to make this year EVEN better than the last.

So I thought, why not start the new year with a tiny post. 😀 😛

Work has beckoning a lot lately and to break the story short, I have been facing a lot of print related issues in office, and the best part? Someone’s document always remains stuck in the print queue in such a way that the next time you push paper into the printer, something other than what you wanted to see, comes out. Worse, some documents even stay up in the queue even after a system restart… its thaaat stubborn! :-/And it does get on my tiny nerves sometimes. 😛

Well, that’s when I thought, why not find some solutions and do a post about it. So here goes.

– Solution 1-

The first thing I always did when the print queue gets stuck/some document stays pending, was head over to the Devices and  Printers manager.

Click on START/ or tap on the Windows Key on the keyboard.

In the search or Run bar, type in  “Devices and Printers
All your existing printers would show up. Choose your printer from the list and open by double clicking.

It shows all the documents in the queue. Right click  and Delete the document from the list. Most of the times, this option just ‘jams’ the queue even further. A list refresh wont help, the document won’t budge, it doesn’t delete/ or remove itself, it just goes stuck, showing a ‘deleting’ notification. Just stays at that. And that’s where the mess starts, or so I thought.

The moment this happens, head over to START/ WINDOWS KEY again and type in the command bar  “services.msc

Look through the list for Printer Spooler.

Double click to open it.

The printer service will be switched ON/STARTED by default, so what you got to do now is, click on STOP, to stop the service. Don’t close this window

Head over to the print queue and look at the document that’s jamming the queue.
> Refresh the list,
> Right click on the document and Delete it.
> Refresh the list again after doing this.

Head back to the Printer Spooler service. START the service, and click OK. Restart the computer if the print queue isn’t cleared by now.



– Solution 2 –

Now if the document still stands arrogant, now is the time for rage mode with some small coding. 😛

Start a new Notepad document (in C Drive preferably) and copy paste this following code.

net stop spooler
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.shd
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.spl
net start spooler

And save the file as “DeletePrintJobs.cmd“. The file execution type changes as well.

This trick works every single time for me, so any time I end up with print queue issues, I just head over to this file type and double click on it. A system restart after doing this step would also be good.

Hope this clears that issue. 😀

Cheers and Happy new calendar! 😀 😀

p.s. Thanks to Microsoft forums for the second tip. 




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