How To: Create a Torrent and Share

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Torrents are like one of the most awesome things available on the Internet. You get to download and share lots of stuff with your peers and people around the world. Whether it be music, movies, games and documents, all those (copyright non violating) goodies can be shared and used by one another.

I will write more about torrents and torrenting in a later post.
Here, I am going through a short but detailed tutorial on creating and sharing a torrent that you could send to your friends and share that awesome deal you want your pals to see. The software I use here is one of the most popular of torrent softwares, utorrent (pronounced ‘mutorrent’). You can download that software from here.

Creating the torrent

Open up your utorrent application. Click on File > Create New Torrent

Next Select your files and folders that you want to ‘torrent’ or share. Here I have taken a sample file called ‘test.txt’.

Next up, place TRACKERS on it. There are publicly many trackers available that can be used. Just use one. Using more than one is also permissible, but that is usually required when you are uploading a mass shared file and you are using different trackers to keep track of the number of seeds and peers. Besides, using more trackers take more time for searching seeds and peers because status updates happens sequentially. You won’t notice this when its a mass shared file.

Here is small list of trackers you can use:


Please note that the Private Torrent check box is NOT TICKED.

Click on Save. Give it a file name to your liking.

From here, you can do either of the two things. You can either upload this torrent file to a torrent website, for eg. like (If you want to share it with the world). Or you can send this file directly across to your friends who you want to share this file with. And ONLY with them.

That’s about it. You will be automatically seeding and the person who shared your torrent with, will be automatically downloading.

The next step is when you don’t see action with your file, in the sense if the person on the other end has opened the torrent and has attached it to his favourite program, its not necessary that it will start right away. This usually takes time. So, INCASE you don’t see anything, go through the following steps.


Click on the Torrent file (which will automatically be added to your seeding list) and go to the Trackers Tab. Make sure the other person has the torrent already active.

Right click on the active tracker(s) and Click on Update Tracker. This tracks who all has the file and what’s their seeding/sharing status.

Do the same with the DHT above the tracker. By now you will get an update of another peer targeting the same file.

And after that Right click on the file and select PROPERTIES. There click on the checkbox of INITIAL SEEDING.


Hope this helped. Half way through the troubleshooting itself you will see action with your file. 🙂 Enjoy sharing. ‘Cuz Sharing is Caring. 🙂


P.S. I made this tutorial cuz i have noticed that many people were having trouble creating and sharing a torrent (Myself included). Besides, this has been made on request. 🙂
So if any of you guys have any query or any question related to computers or anything, and you want a tutorial, or you have a doubt and you want it cleared in the most easiest of ways, just ask me. I will help you as soon as possible. Just support my writing.. 🙂 That’s all.

P.P.S Thank you Shihab, for helping me test my work. You Rock! 🙂

Update: I hold no responsibility for the files you transfer this way. Please abide to the rules of Copyright holders and keep yourselves clean. 😉

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Posted by Arif   @   24 June 2010 2 comments
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