India and its $35 Tablet PC. OMG!

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Recently, I have been following up with this news about India producing the cheapest tablets in the market. You must have heard of Kapil Sibal right? Well if you haven’t, then let me introduce tha Dude of the current Indian IT sprint. He is the HR Development Minister, AND he is the one who initiates these awesome projects. A few years back, it was his idea when HCL released the concept of worlds CHEAPEST laptop. Comparing the price to major makers and available vendors back then, which was claimed to be around 10,000 INR, it was amazing and actually surprising if such a feat could be pulled off.

As time passed, the project evolved into this: ‘Worlds Cheapest Tablet’ at just $35. That’s just around 1,750 INR. What kinda price is that?  :O 😀 Even the cheapest of awesome china phones won’t come this low. And I wouldn’t mind having 3 of those.. hey wait, why just 3?

According to Wired
.. (There is) the potential to drop it to either $20 or $10. The tablet will support video conferencing and wireless, have open source software on it including Open Office, and will include a media player. It will also have a solar-power option.

The Tablet will run on Android (Everyone is moving the Android way), will feature a 7 inch resistive touch screen (oops, but for that price, who cares), will have WIFi and 3G modules.

Mr. Sibal explained that the product is aimed at students, first from India, then later will move onto students from other countries. It won’t be available in the retail market initially i guess.


  • Tablet based on Android OS which is free and open source.
  • Wifi and 3G
  • Camera for video conferencing and networking 🙂
  • USB port, Video out and SIM card slots.
  • 5/7/9” screens.
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Resistive touch screen 🙁
  • Option to run on solar power so electricity barren places will have an advantage on this
  • Word Processor, E-book reader, maps, video players) and student oriented softwares as well.

To create its $35 tablet, the Indian government says it partnered with some of the country’s best technical universities including the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Students involved in the project created their own motherboard and PCBs for the device, say officials. Interestingly, the government says private companies in the country showed little interest in the idea.

This video shows a prototype, while the final product is slated for a January 2011 release.

All the concept development is taken along the ministry’s collaboration with IISc Banglore, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras.

India has been famous before for its manufacturing of cheap and reliable equipment. Recently, they developed the World’s cheapest automobile in the form of TATA Nano. Wouldn’t be a surprise if they can pull it off.

I believe these kinda electronics will turn up to be part of school & University curriculum. Everyone would have a tablet rather than have truckloads of books to carry around (Debatable opinion?)

Anyways, I am here to wait and see. And Get!

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Posted by Arif   @   8 September 2010 2 comments
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Sep 20, 2010
9:16 pm

I don’t know if it’s gonna replace notebooks in school. That seems to be a viable option. But what I must say is that the IITs have done India proud this time with this low-cost innovation. Go India!!!

Nov 20, 2010
1:10 pm


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