Left4Dead and Windows 7 64 Bit

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The other day I got bored to the point where I thought the best thing to do is go violent. Well, of course, virtually.. 😀 Zombie smashing was what was in my head and which other game delivers that senseless zombie thrashing, smashing and blasting that Left4Dead?

So, i started off the campaign mode, selected the character, (enabled cheats – my level of boredom was that much that i just wanted to go GOD mode and smash, bash, whateva-ash), and started the levels. Even though I was playing this the second time, some of those creep creatures did bring up a jolt in me once in a while.

After a while, we get to an isolated hall where suddenly the music increases in tempo and we four look around to see what’s happening when suddenly this huge horde of freaks just pop out from every direction. I reloaded my gun, waited for the action to start and then, *pop*… i see my desktop.

What more do you want to go mad…

Thinking it was some other app that caused the shutdown, i went around closing other open apps and then restarted the game.

But when i reach the same point. Again. Crashed.

That’s when i thought there must be some glitch in that area. Luckily there was another route to the hall, so i did the detour. But AGAIN! We see the horde coming, i reload and start firing. Gone. Desktop. :S (Was going freakin’ mad here)

One more time, i get the same issue. So now altogether FOUR TIMES!

That’s when i realized something. It happened when i took the point of action. I was in GOD mode, so why don’t i stay still? So I reload the game, and this time at the same point, I stay still. I don’t fire. My fellow survivors are under the effect of the cheat code so no issues. And guess what.. we manage to cross that area. No issues. But a few steps later, again crash. So i related the issue to some software/hardware point.

I went over to the directory where L4D was installed, Right Clicked it, took Properties, and went to the Compatibility tab. There, I used the “Run This Program with Compatibility mode for – Windows XP SP2” and enabled ‘Run as Administrator’ under the Privileges.

And I started the game, opened the menu, went over to Video and disabled the “Use Multiple Cores” option. Reducing your settings won’t help btw, if you had thought of it I mean. And I disabled VSync as well.

These worked for me. And I tested it by going through that same area thrice. Thinking that there will be other people facing this same issue, i decided to blog about it in the end.

Btw, I run L4D in Windows 7 64bit with 4 GB DDR2 Ram, using the latest of nVidia drivers. I have seen that people with XP SP2, SP3, Vista and other versions of Windows7 face the same issue. I hope this helps.


Now, let me return to my zombies.

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Posted by Arif   @   28 June 2010 1 comments
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Jun 28, 2010
12:17 pm

Dude, awesome. You solved it mate. Shit! This guys is just asswwsome. That’s why I cal him Da Dooode!You rock man!!! 😀

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