Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet – Teaser Trailer

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Notion Ink passed on this video as a ‘teaser trailer’ to, a site which deals with anything Android.

As far as the video has gone, the deal looks pretty neat. The Panel setup looks great with smooth transitions and application open ups along with multitasking looks spanky. Everything goes the way they went claiming around before; The Panel does it all.

For those who don’t know what the Panel system is: Apps are all open this way. Its like a set of open Applications laid side to side, all working real time, on-par with no slow downs ; Mail’d a custom built mail client that scrolls through your inbox, Sniffer – a program for managing through the files on your memory card or so, an always open Calculator and stuff like that. One thing that kept pinging me as a doubt was whether one application can be put to use in full screen alone. And oh yea, another thing is the way data from one application could be easily copied to the clipboard for another application to use.

All in all, as mentioned before, the video (and the device) looks neat.

But there are some things that keep bothering me. One is that the specs of the machine have ‘reduced’ and the prices have ‘increased’. One such notable feature is the Hard disk memory. Before it showed 32 GB, now it shows 8.. whaaa..?? And I see a few other ‘missing features’ as well.

Another thing Rohan mentioned yesterday was that the Touchpad on the back of the device has been disabled (read: removed) too. Now will have to wait and see what all goes around the machine till its out to the masses by the first week of January. Better more, there is a CES happening around that time which promises to showcase more of the device.

Hope it shows.

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Posted by Arif   @   19 December 2010 0 comments
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