Read this and enjoy!!! (for those who 'hack')

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I got through this article today, and boy.. i think i should definitely put this up for share…

For all those people who ‘hack’, love to use ‘Linux’, and listen to ‘mp3-programs’; read this funny article from a strange nonsensical father.. or a hilarious prankster… ūüėÄ

Remember always.. knowing just little of something is always a dangerous thing…



It might seem long.. but once u start reading.. you are definitely going to finish it, in the stance that you are a tech-dude.. you might even end up hating this person for writing articles as such.

An excerpt:

BSD,¬†Lunix,¬†Debian and¬†Mandrake are all versions of an¬†illegal hacker operation system, invented by a¬†Soviet computer hacker named Linyos Torovoltos, before the Russians lost the Cold War. It is based on a program called “xenix”, which was written by¬†Microsoft for the¬†US government. These programs are used by hackers to break into other people’s computer systems to steal credit card numbers. They may also be used to break into people’s stereos to steal their music, using the “mp3” program. Torovoltos is a notorious hacker, responsible for writing many hacker programs, such as “telnet”, which is used by hackers to connect to machines on the internet without using a¬†telephone.

Your son may try to install “lunix” on your hard drive. If he is careful, you may not notice its presence, however,¬†lunix is a capricious beast, and if handled incorrectly, your son may damage your computer, and even break it completely by deleting Windows, at which point you will have to have your computer repaired by a¬†professional.

If you see the word “LILO” during your windows startup (just after you turn the machine on), your son has installed¬†lunix. In order to get rid of it, you will have to send your computer back to the manufacturer, and have them fit a new hard drive.¬†Lunix is extremely dangerous software, and cannot be removed without destroying part of your hard disk surface.

Another one:
Computer hackers are often limited by conventional computer hardware. They may request¬†“faster” video cards, and larger hard drives, or even more¬†memory. If your son starts requesting these devices, it is possible that he has a legitimate need. You can best ensure that you are buying legal, trustworthy hardware by only buying replacement parts from your computer’s manufacturer.

If your son has requested a new “processor” from a company called¬†“AMD”, this is genuine cause for alarm.¬†AMD is a third-world based company who make inferior, “knock-off” copies of¬†American processor chips. They use child labor extensively in their third world sweatshops, and they deliberately disable the security features that American¬†processor makers, such as¬†Intel, use to prevent hacking.AMD chips are never sold in stores, and you will most likely be told that you have to order them from internet sites. Do not buy this chip! This is one request that you must refuse your son, if you are to have any hope of¬†raising him well.


ūüėÄ ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

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Posted by Arif   @   16 December 2009 3 comments
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Dec 21, 2009
8:38 am
#1 B7ackth0rN :

Nice read dude.

Jan 9, 2010
9:40 pm
#2 agentmilo :

Since when did flash become a ‘hacking’ software? Haha

Jan 14, 2010
6:51 pm
#3 B7ackth0rN :

Good write mate …

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