Rumble in the Tunngle Anyone?

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Ever wanted to play Call of Duty online? Or wanted to take revenge on your buddies in Counter Strike Source? Or humiliate your pal with a rout in Fifa 2010? Or just go CRAZY in GTA:4 like with over 15 others and cause mayhem in that virtual city?

Well, I have done all these and I virtually enjoyed thrashing people and people enjoyed thrashing me too, ‘cuz its online!! Everything should happen. All that adds to the overall fun. Did i get you excited enough? And want to  know how?

I am an occasional gamer. I have a favorite in the Pro Evolution Soccer series since long, like maybe 12 years already :D. I cant even recall the number of times I have won the in-game tournaments and cups and leagues, unlocking everything possible (this feature has been removed in the recent versions) and playing back and forth.

But all of this was ALONE! I play against the scripted AI. Play 10-15 times, you get the hang of how your characters move on the field, and then you find all the loopholes and ‘free-ways’ you can play with, taking down opponents at their ‘weak spot’. This started to get so repetitive that at times i lost interest in the game overall.

But that’s when i play against my friends. That way i found a sense of liberation and a new way to play the game with. But that dies soon after. Since i am a seasoned gamer, the guys who team up against me tend to lose out big time. And they give up soon enough and might quit altogether. So in order to make them happy, i reduce my playing methods and styles in some matches helping them to win. You are supposed to keep your opponent in good terms after you game, right? Unless he is you enemy of course. 😛 . And you will have the wanting to get to game regularly right? So you will need to keep your ‘customers’ happy  😀 (But there were situations where i have got beaten – just mentioning that so those guys wont show up here 😀 )

Well, whatever it may be, this mode never really appealed to me. I want to face someone of my caliber, I want to play against people who never get tired of losing. Or Winning. I want the spirit to soar. (I am really taking this somewhere).

Where more to look than those around the Internet. There might be some 15 million gamers gaming at this very second. What would be the chance that I would be able to find some one to spend some time with me, with both of us enjoying the flow of things.

With TUNNGLE, you get to do that.

I have known Tunngle for more than a year now. It was a small alpha setup before. Didn’t support many games and was ‘still growing’ with an ardent community behind it. And now, it has grown (and again still growing) to the level where it will give you your satisfaction and currently it supports many of the games out there.


Tunngle is actually a ‘Virtual Private Network’ adapter setup that tunnels your connection through their servers and allows you to play Windows games on multiplayer and share files with your pals and all. Whatever sort of copy of the game you have, you will be able to find someone else in the same network with the same version to game against.

What is Tunngle?
Tunngle is a revolutionary peer to peer VPN solution that delivers the best online entertainment experience. What is so special about Tunngle? Skip the troubleshooting work and focus on the entertainment. Tunngle virtual networks are the ideal place to play PC games with your friends over the internet, while enjoying all the commodities of a Local Area Network party.

An immense variety of games are listed out in the servers and at this point of time of writing, each popular game has around 25 people playing at the same time.

You can download Tunngle from here.

Once you start installing, you will see a lot of DOS windows pop up and away. Don’t bother these, they are actually setting up an adapter for your connections to take way.

After you install, a reboot is a must after which you must go to the Tunngle website and register a new account which is quick and simple.

Tunngle automates all the backend configuration of setting up an adapter with priorities, that its never been so much easier to quickly start an online multiplayer game/ server.

After all these are done,

  • start the Tunngle application and log in
  • start your favorite game (which has multiplayer capabilities of course),
  • search for the game in the Tunngle browser,
  • Join the network and wait for a partner/ gang to join you
  • Then all you got to do now, is start the multiplayer game, all your friends will be there for you. 😀 hehe (you might be thinking – “That’s it?”

That’s it really. The method of joining games depends on the game. It differs according to the game’s connecting requirements. You are assigned a universal Tunngle IP starting with 7.x.x.x (which you will notice in the lower left corner of the screen on the image above). And another thing is, you can only join ONE network (game) at a time. Obviously you can’t play more than one game at a time can you. 😀

As for the connections, I have played using the 128kbps modem to the 4mbps DSL connection, and i must say everything is fine. But one thing, when you have low speeds, and if the members playing the game are high in number, esp. for Counter-Strike and all, chances are you might get kicked out for high PING rates.

But overall, this is just awesome. There are a lot of games and a lot of players waiting for you. Usual statements on the chat room are  “Anybody wanna play?” and “Ok, I am ready! GO!”

So jump onto the bandwagon and start rollin’. 😀

P.S. Who’s in for a game of PES/FIFA? 😛

Update: I have been using this for more than an year now. So its like heavily tested with the help of Afzal, Anzal and Milad. 🙂 And thanks as usual to Mithun who forced me to write this up finally. 😀 Really can’t do stuff like this without the support. Thanks a lot bro. 🙂

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Posted by Arif   @   29 June 2010 5 comments
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Jun 29, 2010
4:30 pm

Dude, wow. I never knew virtual reality was a happening thing. Thanks man. And now, you’re a serious blogger man. Keep up the good work bro. And btw .. when are we gaming???

Author Jun 29, 2010
5:01 pm
#2 Arif :

Thanks dude. 🙂 We will game soon 🙂

Jun 29, 2010
11:20 pm
#3 bilal :

ill host ok go

Jun 30, 2010
2:58 pm
#4 Big Brother :

Online gaming for pirated games… that’s so cool bro.. hope this thing really works.. great post!

Author Jun 30, 2010
7:09 pm
#5 Arif :

hahaha… bilal is here. 😀

@Big Brother. Thanks for the comment. And it really works. 🙂

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